Resolve Orthodontic Issues with Invisible Braces

Teeth, rightly addressed as 32 pearls, are perhaps one the most precious gifts given by nature to man. Apart from enabling chewing and phonetics, teeth add aesthetics to the face and constitute a charming smile.

Invariably, improper alignment of teeth and jaws erode smile and affects facial beauty and speech.

An orthodontist helps in remodeling the crowded or crooked teeth which in turn corrects the alignment of maxillary and mandibular jaws.

This not only prepares a beautiful smile but also resolves chewing, phonetics and over or under-bite related orthodontic problems.

Role of Braces

Orthodontists remodel the bone surrounding and supporting teeth by carefully applying gentle force to move teeth to the desired position with the help of dental braces.

As a result, dental braces reposition the teeth in a safe manner to correct crowding, spacing and biting issues and rejuvenate smile.

Orthodontists achieve their objectives by using various kinds of braces. The traditional braces with wire and brackets are inexpensive but are always visible to others, can irritate gums and cheeks initially and require care while eating and brushing.

Henceforth, Invisible braces are assuming popularity as these are less visible, simple and convenient besides producing amazing results without any bulk and pain in mouth.

Types of Invisible Braces

Unlike metal braces with wires and brackets, invisible braces are not visible. These remain hidden and perform their specific functions. The common types of invisible braces include Ceramic brackets; Lingual braces i.e. inside braces and clear aligners.

Ceramic braces

The use of ceramic material allows the brackets to be clear or matched to the natural color of your teeth and make those almost invisible. Ceramic based invisible braces are larger and more brittle yet deliver excellent results.

Lingual braces or Inside braces

These Lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth so remain hidden from view and rightly placed under category of invisible braces.

These Lingual braces being inside of teeth remain invisible i.e. hidden from direct view and are thus ideal for people who remain in public and self cautious of wearing metallic braces.

Clear aligners or invisible braces

Clear invisible braces are actually based on technology employed to track heat seeking missiles and hence are extremely strong. Invisible braces are clear and transparent as these are made up of transparent polycrystalline alumina.

Clear invisible braces are great option for rectifying orthodontic issues like crowded or widely spaced teeth, crooked teeth and vertical bite and horizontal bite.

With advancement in dentistry and arrival of modern invisible braces technology, an orthodontist can realign your teeth.

Cashion Dental specialize in providing orthodontic treatment using invisible braces to create a fascinating smile, protect your dental occlusion i.e. bite and maximize efficiency of your teeth.

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